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Erlang/OTP Certification

The Certification programme is provided for individuals wishing to document acquired skills in Erlang and Erlang/OTP. The Erlang Developer's Certificate is dated to the date for the examination.

Certification level


For Basic level, the examination consists of:

  • A written test.
  • A programming home-assignment,

Two weeks before the written test is taking place, a number of study questions are handed out. The written test will consist of a selection of these study questions. Time allowed for the test is three hours.

The home assignment is a small programming exercise, taking about a day to complete. The purpose is to show that given a problem description, a suitable solution can be designed and implemented. For an experienced Erlang programmer it should take less than a day to complete. The home-assignment is handed out after the written test and the participants have approximately two weeks to complete the task.

To pass and receive a certificate, 85% of the questions must be answered correctly and the home-assignment must be successfully completed according to its requirements. The examiner will rate the home-assignment using test-cases and through code inspections.

For inquiries about the certification programme send an email to:

Updated: 2002-08-07