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Erlang/OTP Contact Info

Erlang/OTP is developed and supported by Ericsson AB. Our aim with Erlang/OTP is to give telecom and other customers a unique opportunity to cut time-to-market and reduce costs by offering them use of the Erlang-based Open Telecom Platform, Erlang/OTP.

For frequently asked questions about Erlang, please check our FAQ-list.

Currently we can not take on new customers for support licenses but we are working on a new way to handle this. We hope to have this running sometime during late 2008/early 2009.

Master's Theses Work
Are you a Computer Science student and looking for a Master's Thesis work? Many students have made their Master's Theses work with us, see Master's Theses under Publications. You are welcome to contact for more information.

Support and Bug Reports
We offer full support to licensed customers. Please direct your support questions to:
E-mail:  Please supply your id.
For Open Source users there is a separate mailing-list, please refer to the Open Source Erlang website.

Technical Matters
Kenneth Lundin is product manager of Erlang/OTP. For any questions about the Erlang/OTP product, please contact him.

See the training page.

For comments or questions about this site, please contact us.

Office Address

EAB/FTI/IO Erlang/OTP Development and Support
Ericsson AB
Box 1505
SE-125 25 ÄLVSJÖ
phone (switchboard) :  +46-(0)8-727 3000
fax :  +46-(0)8-727 5775
individual extensions :  Extensions and e-mail
office address :  Armborstvägen 14, Älvsjö
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Updated: 2008-08-27