Sixth International Erlang/OTP User Conference

Tuesday October 3, 2000. Ericsson, ─lvsj÷, Sweden.


  • Participants. (html)


  • Photographs, User of the Year and Boat trip. (html)


  • Use of Erlang/OTP as a Service
    Creation Tool for IN Services. (pdf)
    Sean Hinde, one2one, UK.



  • Sendmail Meets Erlang: Experiences Using
    Erlang for Email Applications. (pdf, ps)
    Scott Lystig Fritchie, Sendmail Inc, USA.



  • MPowered by Erlang. (ppt)
    Per Bergqvist, CellPoint.



  • NETSim - Six Years with Erlang. (fm)
    Bengt Tillman, Ericsson Radio.



  • A High Performance Erlang System. (ps)
    Mikael Pettersson, Uppsala University.



  • ECOMP - an Erlang Processor. (ppt)
    Robert Tjärnström and Peter Lundell, Ericsson Telecom.


  • An Erlang DTD. (tex)
    Richard A. O'Keefe, Otago University.



  • XMErl - Interfacing XML and Erlang. (ppt)
    Ulf Wiger, Ericsson Telecom.


  • XML and Erlang: Building a Powerful Data Management Tool. (html)
    Mickael Rémond, IDEALX.


  • Extending Erlang with structured Module Packages. (pdf)
    Richard Carlsson, Uppsala University.



  • Highlights from Erlang 5.0/OTP R7B. (ppt, html)
    Kenneth Lundin, OTP Product Unit.



  • COMET - An Erlang-to-COM Port. (ppt)
    Jakob Cederlund, OTP Product Unit.


  • The Bit Syntax - The Released Version. (html)
    Patrik Nyblom, OTP Product Unit.


  • A Toolf for Verifying Software Written in Erlang. (ps)
    Lars-Åke Fredlund, SICS.



  • A Monitoring and Instrumentation
    Tool Developed in Erlang. (ps.gz)
    Miguel Barreiro, Victor M. Gulias,
    Juan J. Sanchez, Universidade da Coru˝a.