Poster and Demo Session.
During refreshments and lunch.

A Tool for Verifying Software Written in Erlang. Lars-Åke Fredlund, SICS. Demonstration of the Erlang Verification tool to prove interesting properties of a program.
A Monitoring and Instrumentation Tool Developed in Erlang. Miguel Barreiro, Victor M. Gulias, Juan J. Sanchez, Universidade da Coruņa. MONET is a monitoring and instrumentation tool developed using OTP applications which is being used in a video-on-demand server, under development at LFCIA lab, running on a Beowulf cluster. Status information is produced in XML and then transformed into different formats (HTML, WML, etc.) using Erlatron, a distributed XSLT processor also developed in Erlang using expat and sablotron libraries. .