Seventh International Erlang/OTP User Conference

Thursday September 27, 2001. Ericsson, Älvsjö, Sweden.


  • Conference programme.   (shtml)


  • Participants.   (html)



  • Welcome SMS in Erlang -
     Experiences of Rapid Deployment in a GSM Network.
      (ppt, htm)
    Sean Hinde, one2one.



  • An Erlang-based Hierarchical Distributed VoD System.   (pdf)
    Miguel Barreiro, José L. Freire, Víctor M. Gulías,
    Javier Mosquera and Juan J. Sánchez, University of Coruña.


  • Erlang in the Corelatus MTP2 Signalling Gateway.   (pdf)
    Matthias Läng, Corelatus.



  • Tools for Designing Web Based Interfaces for Erlang/OTP.   (ppt, htm)
    Martin Gustafsson, OTP Unit, Ericsson.



  • 3D Graphics with Erlang - The OpenGL Interface.   (ppt, htm)
    Jakob Cederlund, GNO Data, Dan Gudmundsson and
    Björn Gustavsson, OTP Unit, Ericsson.


  • Development of a Verified Erlang Program for
     Resource Locking.
      (ps, ppt, htm)
    Thomas Arts and Clara Benac Earle, CSLab, Ericsson.




  • Cross-Module Optimization of Erlang.   (ps, ppt)
    Thomas Lindgren.


  • Preview of the Erlang/OTP R8 Release.   (html, ppt, htm)
    Kenneth Lundin, OTP Unit, Ericsson.


  • A Tool for Extracting the Process
     Structure of Erlang Applications.
    Jan Nyström, Uppsala University.
    From the Erlang workshop in Florence on September 2, 2001.