Eighth International Erlang/OTP User Conference

Tuesday November 19, 2002. Ericsson, Älvsjö, Sweden.


  • Conference programme.   (shtml)


  • Participants.   (html)


  • Location.   (html)


  • Photographs.   (html)



  • Implementing the Mobile Location Protocol:     (ps,   ppt)
    A Tale from the Trenches.
    Magnus Eklund, Fredrik Linder and Thomas Lindgren, Cellpoint.



  • The BLIS4 Platform and Development Experiences.     (ppt)
    Thomas Verner, BluePosition.


  • HELGA - A Call Load Generator Written in Erlang/OTP.     (ps,   ppt)
    Anand Balagopalakrishnan and Bagirath Krishnamachari,
    Lucent Technologies.


  • The AXC 105 Fibre Switch.     (ppt)
    Hans Nilsson, Ericsson.


  • Mobile Arts High Performance Telecom Platform.     (ppt)
    Johan Blom and Göran Båge, Mobile Arts.


  • Developing for the Web in Erlang: Why and how ?
    Mickaël Rémond, erlang-fr.org.


  • On Reducing Interprocess Communication     (pdf,   ppt)
    Overhead in Concurrent Programs.
    Erik Stenman and Konstantinos Sagonas, Uppsala university.




  • Stand Alone Erlang.     (html)
    Joe Armstrong, SICS.


  • Use of Erlang in System Test of AXD 301.     (ppt)
    Karl Olsson, Ericsson.


  • The Erlang/OTP R9 Release.     (pdf,   ppt)
    Kenneth Lundin, OTP Unit, Ericsson.