Erlang/OTP User Conference 2002

Conference Programme
Applications I
09.00 Yaws.
Claes Wikström, Alteon WebSystems.
09.30 Implementing the Mobile Location Protocol: A Tale from the Trenches.
Magnus Eklund, Fredrik Linder and Thomas Lindgren, Cellpoint.
10.00 The BLIS4 Platform and Development Experiences.
Thomas Verner, BluePosition.
Applications II
11.00 HELGA - A Call Load Generator Written in Erlang/OTP.
Anand Balagopalakrishnan and Bagirath Krishnamachari, Lucent Technologies.
11.30 The AXC 105 Fibre Switch.
Hans Nilsson, Ericsson.
11.50 Mobile Arts High Performance Telecom Platform.
Johan Blom and Göran Båge, Mobile Arts.
12.10 Developing for the Web in Erlang: Why and how ?
Mickaël Rémond,
Technology I
14.00 On Reducing Interprocess Communication Overhead in Concurrent Programs.
Erik Stenman and Konstantinos Sagonas, Uppsala university.
14.30 Distel: Distributed Emacs Lisp (for Erlang).
Luke Gorrie, Alteon WebSystems.
15.00 Static Analysis of Communications in Erlang Programs.
Fabien Dagnat, ENST, Bretagne.
Technology II
16.00 Stand Alone Erlang.
Joe Armstrong, SICS.
16.30 Use of Erlang in System Test of AXD 301.
Karl Olsson, Ericsson.
17.00 The Erlang/OTP R9 Release.
Kenneth Lundin, OTP Unit, Ericsson.
17.30Close (and pub evening)
Demonstrations (during intermissions)
  BluePosition demonstrates their innovative Bluetooth Location Information System - BLIS4.