Ninth International Erlang/OTP User Conference

Tuesday November 18, 2003. Ericsson, Älvsjö, Sweden.


  • Conference programme.   (html)
  • Participants.   (html)
  • Location.   (html)
  • Photographs.   (html)
  • Why we designed Erlang.     (ppt)
    Mike Williams, Ericsson.
  • Yet Another Web Gui Framework.     (ppt)
    Göran Båge and Johan Blom, Mobile Arts.
  • 3D Video Game Development in Erlang.     (pdf, html)
    Mickaël Rémond.
  • Erlang in Banking and Financial Switching.     (ppt)
    Daniel Schutte, Teba Bank.
  • CyberAthletics - Open Source and the Age of Wireless.     (ppt)
    Ulf Wiger, Ericsson.
  • Talking LDAP and Radius from Erlang.     (ppt)
    Torbjörn Törnkvist, Nortel.
  • Getting Erlang to Talk to C and C++ (or from ei to UBF).     (ppt)
    Hal Snyder, Vail, and Leon Smith, Case Western Reserve University.
  • Erlang/QuickCheck.     (pdf)
    Thomas Arts, IT-university, and John Hughes, Chalmers.
  • Performance Analysis using Model Checking.     (pdf)
    Thomas Arts, IT-university, and Juan José Sánchez Penas, University of Corunha.
  • All you wanted to know about HiPE (but might have been afraid to ask).     (pdf, ps)
    K. Sagonas, M. Pettersson, R. Carlsson, P. Gustafsson and T. Lindahl, Uppsala University.
  • Profile-driven Inlining for Erlang.     (ps, ppt)
    Thomas Lindgren.
  • What's new in R9C.     (ppt)
    Kenneth Lundin, Ericsson.