Erlang/OTP User Conference 2004
Participants and some statistics.
Maps showing the way to the EUC.
Hints of how to get to and around Stockholm.
Invitation to the EUC'2004. The registration is now closed.
Building ground support equipments with Erlang.
Jouni Rynö.
SERVAL: an Internet software VLAN switch developed in Erlang.       (slides)
Alejandro García Castro and Juan José Sánchez Penas.
A WTLS implementation.
Johan Blom and Göran Oettinger.
Learning Erlang and developing a SIP server/stack with 30k potential users.
Fredrik Thulin.
Messaging with Erlang and Jabber.
Mickaël Rémond.
Synapse DMC, liberating the mobile internet!
Per Bergqvist.
Dialyzer (DIscrepancy AnaLYZer of ERlang programs).
Tobias Lindahl and Kostis Sagonas.
In the need of a design... reverse engineering Erlang software.       (slides)
Thomas Arts and Cecilia Holmqvist.
Erlang's exception handling revisited.       (slides)
Richard Carlsson, Björn Gustavsson and Patrik Nyblom.
Joe Armstrong.
Proposal for an Erlang foundation.
Mickaël Rémond.
The Erlang/OTP R10B release.
Kenneth Lundin.