11th International Erlang/OTP User Conference



Stockholm, November 10, 2005

All Erlang developers, researchers, users, programmers, and interested persons are cordially invited to the 11th International Erlang User Conference, EUC'2005 .


Conference Programme

08.30 Registration.
09.00 Robust Reconfigurable Erlang Component System.
Gabor Batori, Zoltan Theisz and Domonkos Asztalos, Ericsson, Hungary.
09.30 Performance Measurement and Applications Benchmarking with Erlang.
Mickaël Rémond, Process-one, France.
10.00 A Virtual World Distributed Server developed in Erlang as a Tool for analysing Needs of Massively Multiplayer Online Game Servers.
Michal Slaski, Erlang Training and Consulting, UK.
10.30 Coffee.
11.00 Third Party Gateway.
Chandrashekhar Mullaparthi, T-Mobile, UK.
11.30 eXAT: Software Agents in Erlang.
Corrado Santoro, University of Catania, Italy.
12.00 e-TopUp.
Eduardo Figoli, Bernardo Paroli and Carlos E. Silva, IN Switch Solutions Inc, Uruguay.
12.30 Lunch.
14.00 Teaching Functional Programming and Erlang.
Victor M. Gulias, University of A Coruña, Spain.
14.30 Concurrent Erlang Flow Graphs.
Manfred Widera, FernUniversität Hagen, Germany.
15.00 Structured Network Programming.
Ulf Wiger, Ericsson, Sweden.
15.30 Coffee.
16.00 wxErlang.
Mats-Ola Persson, Chalmers, Sweden.
16.20 gtkNode - Yet Another GUI Framework for Erlang.
Mats Cronqvist, Ericsson, Sweden.
16.40 Bit-level Binaries and Generalized Comprehensions in Erlang.
Per Gustafsson and Kostis Sagonas, University of Uppsala, Sweden.
17.10 OTP Development Update.
Kenneth Lundin, OTP team, Ericsson, Sweden.
17.30 Close followed by bus transfer to an ErLounge !


Demonstrations (during intermissions)

Vlad Dumitrescu demonstrates Erlide, Eclipse IDE for Erlang.
Simon Aurell demonstrates controlling remote appliances using instant messaging.



A complimentary ErLounge is offered by our generous sponsors following the conference. The ErLounge will be held at a restaurant in Sundbyberg north of Stockholm and bus transport is provided. However, the number seats is limited and seats are offered strictly in order of registration, so please register early!


Obfuscated Erlang Programming Competition

An Erlang Obfuscated Programming Competition is held in conjunction with the Erlang/OTP User Conference. The goal of this competition is to write the most obfuscated Erlang program, providing a safe forum for poor coding practices and programming styles. This competition should illustrate some of the subtleties of Erlang and how they can best be used and abused.

Information about the Obfuscated Erlang Programming Competition can be found here.


Hints for visitors to Stockholm and the EUC

To find the way to the conference, please check the maps here.

Some hints since last year about how to get to and around Stockholm can be found here.

Hotell Älvsjö gives special rates for vistors to the EUC. Just give the code word Erlang.



Registrations and enquiries shall be directed to euc@erlang.se. State clearly whether you wish to participate in the ErLounge.

Note that everybody, including speakers, will need to register so we can have prepared name lists since the lecture hall is within an Ericsson area.

There is no conference fee.

Lunch is available in the Ericsson canteen nearby.