12th International Erlang/OTP User Conference



Stockholm, November 9-10, 2006


Conference program.
The call for papers to the conference.
The invitation to the conference.
Map to show the way to the conference.
Some hints for visitors to Stockholm.
Some statistics.
Conference Proceedings
      Betting on Functional Programming and Winning.   slides
Erik Stenman, Kreditor, Sweden.
Horde Leader, a Framework to Build Cluster Aware Erlang Web Administration Console.   slides
Jérôme Sautret and Mickaël Rémond, Process-one, France.
Experiences from Using Erlang for Autonomous Robots.   paper
Vincenzo Nicosia and Corrado Santoro, University of Catania, Italy.
Vixo.com - A Case Study in Developing a Web/SMS Start-up in Erlang.
Dale Harvey, vixo.com, Scotland.
CEAN, a Comprehensive Erlang Archive Network, or How to Make any Erlang Software Deployment a Child’s Play.   slides
Christophe Romain and Mickaël Rémond, Process-one, France.
Testing a Media Proxy with Quviq QuickCheck.   slides
John Hughes, Chalmers University, and Thomas Arts, IT University, Sweden.
Refactoring Erlang Programs.   slides   paper
Zoltan Horvath, Huiqing Li and Simon Thompson, University of Kent, England.
Using GNU Autoconf to Configure Erlang Programs.   slides
Romain Lenglet, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.
Configuration Aware Distributed System Design in Erlang.   slides   paper
Gabor Batori, Zoltan Theisz and Domonkos Asztalos, Ericsson, Hungary.
Comparing C++ and Erlang for Motorola Telecoms Software.   slides
Henry Nyström, Erlang Training and Consulting, Sweden.
ErlHive - Safe Erlang Reloaded!   slides
Ulf Wiger, Ericsson, Sweden.
Eliminating Overlapping of Pattern Matching when Verifying Erlang Programs in µCRL.   slides   paper
Qiang Guo and John Derrick, University of Sheffield, England.
Erlang Message Receive Fundamentals.   slides
Jay Nelson, DuoMark Inc, USA.
Current Erlang/OTP Developments.   slides
Kenneth Lundin, Ericsson, Sweden.