12th International
Erlang/OTP User Conference

Stockholm November 9, 2006

The well-known "Clock house" was built in the 1920's for the directors of Ericsson's cable factory. Then it became offices and now it is used for seminars and conferences.

Erik Stenman

Jérôme Sautret

Vincenzo Nicosia

Christophe Romain

John Hughes

Simon Thompson

Almost 150 participants

Romain Lenglet

Zoltán Theisz

Jan Henry Nyström

Ulf Wiger handing over the User of
the Year
award to Mickaël Rémond
to bring home to Alexey Shchepin

Kenneth Lundin, manager of
the Erlang/OTP team

Lennart Öhman describing the
way to the ErLounge
After the conference everybody continued to a kindly sponsored ErLounge

Bjarne Däcker, EUC chairman
After the ErLounge some went on a pubcrawl
Jane Walerud who in 1998 persuaded Ericsson
to release Erlang/OTP as open source