Invitation and call for participation

12th International Erlang/OTP User Conference



Stockholm, November 9-10, 2006

  All Erlang developers, researchers, users, programmers, and interested persons are hereby cordially invited to the 12th International Erlang User Conference, EUC.

Conference Program on Thursday November 9
09.00Betting on Functional Programming and Winning.
Erik Stenman.
09.30Horde Leader, a Framework to Build Cluster Aware Erlang Web Administration Console.
Jérôme Sautret and Mickaël Rémond.
10.00Experiences from Using Erlang for Autonomous Robots.
Vincenzo Nicosia and Corrado Santoro.
10.30Coffee. - A Case Study in Developing a Web/SMS Start-up in Erlang.
Dale Harvey.
11.30CEAN, a Comprehensive Erlang Archive Network, or How to Make any Erlang Software Deployment a Child’s Play.
Christophe Romain and Mickaël Rémond.
12.00Testing a Media Proxy with Quviq QuickCheck.
John Hughes and Thomas Arts.
14.00Refactoring Erlang Programs.
Zoltan Horvath, Huiqing Li and Simon Thompson.
14.25Comparing C++ and Erlang for Motorola Telecoms Software.
Phil Trinder, Henry Nyström and David King.
14.50Using GNU Autoconf to Configure Erlang Programs.
Romain Lenglet.
15.15Configuration Aware Distributed System Design in Erlang.
Gabor Batori, Zoltan Theisz and Domonkos Asztalos.
16.00Eliminating overlapping of Pattern Matching when Verifying Erlang Programs in muCRL.
Qiang Guo and John Derrick.
16.25ErlHive - Safe Erlang Reloaded!
Ulf Wiger.
16.50Erlang Message Receive Fundamentals
Jay Nelson (to be presented by Ulf Wiger).
17.10Current Erlang/OTP Developments.
Kenneth Lundin.
17.30Close and Transfer to an ErLounge.

Seminar Program on Friday November 10
These run in parallel from 09.00 until about 12.00.
  • How to Use Quviq QuickCheck.
  • How to Use Erlang to Make Money.
  • Language Issues.
There might be changes to the program.

There is no conference fee. Maps showing the way to the EUC can be found here.

Hotell Älvsjö offers rebate rates from November 8 to November 10 for EUC participants. Don't forget to mention "Erlang".

Hints of how to get to and around Stockholm.

Participants list can be found here.

Registration is now closed. Enquiries can be sent to

Obfuscated Erlang Competition
This competition will be held in conjunction with the EUC. The goal is to write the most obfuscated Erlang program, providing a safe forum for poor coding practices and programming styles. Through this competition, we hope to illustrate some of the subtleties of Erlang and how they can best be used and abused. More information about this competition can be found here.