Erlang/OTP User Conference 2007

Stockholm November 8, 2007.
Conference participants.
Photographs from the conference.
Call for papers for and invitation to the conference.
  • Transport for London Journey Angel.   (slides ppt)
    Marcus Taylor and Vincenzo Nicosia
  • YXA Developments.   (slides pdf)
    Fredrik Thulin
  • Erlang Developments in LambdaStream.   (slides pdf)
    Samuel Rivas
  • Erlware for Managing Distribution and Build.   (slides ppt)
    Eric Merritt and Martin Logan
  • Quality Cruising -- Making Java Work for Erlang.   (slides pdf)
    Erik Stenman
  • Generic Syntactic Analyser: ParsErl.   (paper pdf)
    Anikó Nagyné Víg and Tamás Nagy
  • Developing RESTful Platforms With Erlang And Adobe Flex.   (slides ppt)
    Gordon Guthrie
  • Integrating OTP with Enterprise Service Bus.   (slides ppt)
    Leslaw Lopacki
  • Towards Hard Real-Time Erlang.   (slides pdf)
    Vincenzo Nicosia
  • ProTest - An EU STREP project.   (slides pdf)
    John Hughes
  • News from the Erlang/OTP team at Ericsson.   (slides pdf)
    Kenneth Lundin
  • The New Array Module.   (slides pdf)
    Richard Carlsson and Dan Gudmundsson
  • Inheritance in Erlang.   (slides pdf)
    Richard Carlsson
  • How to program efficiently with Binaries and Bit Strings.   (paper pdf)
    Per Gustafsson


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