13th International Erlang/OTP User Conference



Stockholm, November 8, 2007


 Conference Program
08.30 Registration
 Session I   Chairman Ulf Wiger
09.00 Transport for London Journey Angel
Marcus Taylor and Vincenzo Nicosia
09.30 YXA Developments
Fredrik Thulin
10.00 Erlang Developments in LambdaStream
Samuel Rivas
10.30 Coffee
 Session II   Chairman Francesco Cesarini
11.00 Erlware for Managing Distribution and Build
Eric Merritt and Martin Logan
11.30 Quality Cruising -- Making Java Work for Erlang
Erik Stenman
12.00 Generic Syntactic Analyser: ParsErl
Anikó Nagyné Víg and Tamás Nagy
12.30 Lunch
 Session III   Chairman Mickaël Rémond
14.00 Developing RESTful Platforms With Erlang And Adobe Flex
Gordon Guthrie
14.30 Integrating OTP with Enterprise Service Bus
Leslaw Lopacki
15.00 Towards Hard Real-Time Erlang
Vincenzo Nicosia
15.30 Coffee
 Session IV   Chairman Claes Wikström
16.00 ProTest - An EU STREP project
John Hughes
16.15 Information about current Erlang/OTP Releases
Kenneth Lundin
16.45 Non-Destructive Arrays
Richard Carlsson and Dan Gudmundsson
17.00 How to program efficiently with Binaries and Bit Strings
Per Gustafsson
17.30 Bus transport to the ErLounge

There is no conference fee but registration is necessary, however, the EUC is oversubscribed and we are unable to receive further registrations.

The EUC takes place in Ericsson's conference centre in Älvsjö. Please see directions here.

Hotell Älvsjö offers rebate rates from November 7 to November 9 for EUC participants. Don't forget to mention "Erlang".

Some hints from last year's EUC for visitors to Stockholm. We will organise a small sight-seeing tour around Stockholm on the evening of November 7 for foreign visitors.

An Obfuscated Programming Competition will be held in conjunction with the EUC where the goal is to write the most obfuscated Erlang program. More information is available here and the Jury consists of Joe Armstrong, Richard Carlsson and Jan Henry Nyström.

The EUC will end traditionally by a kindly sponsored ErLounge.

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