Erlang/OTP User Conference 2007
  • Photos by Marc van Woerkom. Click on the photos to get higher resolution. They can also be seen on his blog.
  • Photos by Roland Karlsson.
  • Photos by Erik Stenman (about 80 MB).
The auditorium Coffees in the hall outside

Samuel Rivas Fredrik Thulin

Eric Merritt Erik Stenman and Francesco Cesarini

Martin Logan Tamás Nagy Vincenzo Nicosia

Alexey Shchepin User of the Year 2006
and Bjarne Däcker EUC chairman
Sean Hinde, Alexey Shchepin, Mickaël Rémond and Ulf Wiger all
previous Users of the Year, then Bjarne Däcker followed by the
HiPE team User of the Year 2005 represented by Daniel Luna,
Erik Stenman, Tobias Gustafsson and Richard Carlsson

John Hughes User of the Year 2007
(Photo taken by Ulf Wiger)
Off to lunch...

Hasan Veldstra, Dale Harvey and Gordon Guthrie Jan Henry Nyström announcing the winner
in the Obfuscated Erlang Competition

John Hughes describing the EU funded Erlang project ProTest

Kenneth Lundin Richard Carlsson

Per Gustafsson and Claes Wikström Lennart Öhman explains how to get to the ErLounge

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