Fifth International Erlang/OTP User Conference

Thursday September 30, 1999. Ericsson, Älvsjö, Sweden.


  • Timed Programme (html)

  • Participants (html)

  • Telia CallGuide (ppt, html)
    Hans Nahringbauer, Telia Promotor AB
    Telia CallGuide Brochure (pdf)

  • Use of Erlang/OTP in the Brainpool M/3 Communication System (ppthtml)
    Fredrik Ström, Brainpool AB

  • Status Report on the ETOS Erlang to Scheme Compiler (ps)
    Patrick Piché, Université de Montréal

  • Mail Robustifier Product based on Erlang/OTP (ps.gz)
    Håkan Millroth, Bluetail AB

  • Hatchet (ppthtml)
    Per Bergqvist, Ericsson Radio AB

  • A Modular WAP Reference Stack Protocol Implementation (ppthtml)
    Johan Blom, Ericsson Wireless Internet AB

  • An Experimental SIP Implementation in Erlang (ppthtml)
    Hans Nilsson, Ericsson Utvecklings AB

  • Coming Releases of Erlang/OTP (ppthtml)
    Magnus Karlson, Ericsson Utvecklings AB

  • Towards an Event Modelling Language (ps)
    Maurice Castro, SERC

  • Proposals for and Experiments with an Erlang Bit Syntax (ps)
    Claes Wikström, Bluetail AB

  • High Availability Computer Telephony - HACT (doc)
    Stefan Björnelund, Ericsson Utvecklings AB

  • Erlang Verification System (home page, progress report)
    Thomas Arts, Ericsson Utvecklings AB

  • HiPE - High Performance Erlang (home page, progress report)
    Mikael Pettersson, Uppsala University

  • User of the Year 1999 Hans Nahringbauer (html,jpg, jpg,jpg)