Erlang User Conference 1999 - Programme

Prof Bengt Jonsson, Uppsala University, chairman
08.00 Registration
09.00 Welcome Address
Bjarne Däcker, Ericsson Utvecklings AB
09.15 Telia CallGuide
Hans Nahringbauer, Telia Promotor AB
10.00 Use of Erlang/OTP in the Brainpool M/3 Communication System
Fredrik Ström, Brainpool AB
10.30 Coffee and Demos
11.00 Status Report on the ETOS Erlang to Scheme Compiler
Patrick Piché, Université de Montréal
11.30 Mail Robustifier Product based on Erlang/OTP
Håkan Millroth, Bluetail AB
12.00 Hatchet
Per Bergqvist, Ericsson Radio AB
12.30 Lunch
14.00 A Modular WAP Reference Stack Protocol Implementation
Johan Blom, Ericsson Wireless Internet AB
14.30 An Experimental SIP Implementation in Erlang
Hans Nilsson, Ericsson Utvecklings AB
15.00 Coming Releases of Erlang/OTP
Magnus Karlson, Ericsson Utvecklings AB
15.15 Coffee and Demos
16.00 Towards an Event Modelling Language
Maurice Castro, SERC
16.30 Proposals for and Experiments with an Erlang Bit Syntax
Claes Wikström, Bluetail AB
17.00 Bus Transfer to Waxholm III
18.00 Conference Dinner
Demo Brainpool M/3 Communication System
Fredrik Ström, Brainpool AB
Demo HACT - High Availability Computer Telephony
Stefan Björnelund, Ericsson Utvecklings AB
Poster Erlang Verification System
Thomas Arts, Ericsson Utvecklings AB
Poster  HiPE - High Performance Erlang
Mikael Pettersson, Uppsala University