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Components Overview

Last revised May 9, 2000

The Erlang/OTP components can be divided into six categories:

  • Basic Applications. These components provide basic Erlang/OTP functionality such as kernel, standard library and compiler. Here you also find SASL which contains tools for hot code replacement.
  • Operation and Maintenance. Components for OAM of both the system developed by the user and of Erlang/OTP itself, including an SNMP agent.
  • Interface and Communication. Support for standard protocols such as ASN.1, HTTP and FTP, a graphics system and low level interfaces to C and Java.
  • Database Management. Mnesia, a heavy duty real-time distributed database, and related functionality.
  • CORBA services and IDL. A Erlang implementation of CORBA, an IDL compiler, and a number of CORBA services such as OMG Event service and OMG Transaction service.
  • Tools. A set of tools helpful for development and testing, such as a debugger and run-time tracing.
Updated: 2000-05-09