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Erlang/OTP Articles

This page contains articles that relate or refer to Erlang/OTP.

Please see also the Erlang User Conferences or the ACM SIGPLAN Erlang Workshops.

 Erlang in the Press

Uppköp räddning för deras teknik. (in Swedish)
Marie Alpman.
Ny Teknik, April, 2003.

Svenska ingenjörer gör Nortels säkra wlan. (in Swedish)
Marie Alpman.
Ny Teknik, April, 2003.

Nortelsvenskar säkrar wlan. (in Swedish)
Mikael Ricknäs.
Computer Sweden, April, 2003.

Martin Heller.
BYTE, March, 2003.

Programmering med mindre kode. (in Danish)
Suzette Wagner.
PC World, September, 2001.

Språket bäst i komplexa realtidssystem. (in Swedish)
Thomas Hedlund.
Computer Sweden, February 2000.

Mainstreaming Parallel Computing.
Lack of industrial applications inhibits parallel computing's growth.
Dick Pountain.
BYTE, March 1997.

Functional Programming Comes of Age.
Dick Pountain.
BYTE, August 1994.

The Erlang Language.
BYTE, August 1994.

Updated: 2007-04-26