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Erlang/OTP Master's Theses

This page contains Master's Theses that relate or refer to Erlang/OTP.

Please see also the Erlang User Conferences or the ACM SIGPLAN Erlang Workshops.

 Master's Theses

The Managed Resource Interface: Interfacing Erlang with Standardized Management Protocols.
Francesco Cesarini.
UU/CSD, 2001-10-28.

Concurrent Functional Programming for Telecommunications: A Case Study of Technology Introduction.
Bjarne Däcker.
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm 2000.

Symbolic Program Execution using the Erlang Verification Tool.
Clara Benac-Earle.
UU/CSD, 2000.

Integration of Erlang and TelORB.
Raimo Niskanen.
KTH, 2000.

Enhancing Security in Distributed Erlang by Integrating Access Control.
Rickard Green.
KTH, 2000.

Secure Distributed Communication in SafeErlang.
Bertil Karlsson.
KTH, 2000.

A General Protocol Stack Interface in Erlang.
Peter Andersson and Markus Kvisth.
UU/CSD, 2000.

Design Guidelines for Erlang.
Johanna Isaksson and Elinor Sturesson.
CTH and RMIT, 1999.

How to Measure Reliability in an Erlang System.
Hans Danielsson and Kent Olsson.
LTH and RMIT, 1999.

Robust transaction service for distributed control systems.
Niclas Eklund
UU/CSD, 1998.

How to Measure Reliability in an Erlang System.
Hans Danielsson and Kent Olsson.
LTH/DCS, 1998.

A Parallel and Multi-threaded Erlang Implementation.
Pekka Hedqvist.
UU/CSD, 1998.

SQL Compiler For the Mnesia DBMS.
Ronny Andersson.
CTH, 1998.

Process Placement in Distributed Multiprocessor Systems: An Invstigation Using Erlang.
Michael Dwyer.
RMIT University, 1998.

Java RMI Interface to Erlang, Implementation och Utvärdering.
Babbis Xagorarakis.
UU/CSD, 1997.

Towards a Deadlock Analysis for Erlang Programs.
Richard Carlsson.
UU/CSD, 1997.

Safe Erlang.
Gustaf Naeser.
UU/CSD, 1997.

A Specification Language for Intelligent Agents.
Niklas Kaltea.
UU/CSD, 1996.

Industriella Erfarenheter av Erlang.
Johan Carleson.
LiTH/IDA, 1996.

Implementation of an Object-Oriented DBMS Using the Erlang Programming Language.
Jian-Liang Cai.
RMIT, 1996.

Yearl - A Literate Documenting Tool and a Program Development Environment for Erlang.
Kristina Sirhuber.
UU/DoCS, 1996.

A GUI Builder for Erlang/GS.
Peter Molin and Fredrik Ström.
UU/CSD, 1996.

A Prototype of a Soft Type System for Erlang.
Anders Lindgren.
UU/CSD, 1996.

Native Code Compilation for Erlang.
Erik Johansson and Christer Jonsson.
UU/CSD, 1996.

A Framework for SNMPv2 in Erlang.
Martin Björklund and Klas Eriksson.
KTH/NADA, 1995.

Parallel Erlang.
Kent Engström.
LiTH/IDA, 1995.

Process-based Simulation of Interactive Agents in a Dynamic Terrain.
Samuel Tronje.
UU/CSD, 1995.

An Extension of Erlang with Finite Domain Constraints.
Greger Ottosson.
UU/CSD, 1995.

Comparing Erlang and SDL/SDT for Software Development.
Martin Wikborg.
UU/DoCS, 1995.

En Undersökning av två Deklarativa Programspråk.
Johan Agat and Lennart Dahlström.
CTH/IDV, 1995.

A Comparison between Erlang and C++ for Implementation of Telecom Applications.
Tomas Aronsson and Johan Grafström.
LiTH/IDA, 1995.

Gateway between Packet and Switched Networks for Speech Communication.
Li Wei.
KTH/EIT, 1994.

The Connection Model Implemented in Erlang.
Lars Björup.
LiTH/IDA, 1994.

Q.93B Test Tool.
Johan Thureson.
KTH/EIT, 1994.

Erlang Port to the Parsytec MIMD Parallel Platform.
Beshar Zudhy.
LiTH/IDA, 1994.

Discrete Event Simulation in Erlang.
Andreas Ermedahl.
UU/CSD, 1994.

Design and Implementation of ET-155 Device Processor Software.
Ali Imitiaz Shah.
KTH/EIT, 1994.

Hantering av Telefonisystem med Hjälp av Erlang.
Jan-Erik Thomasson.
KTH/NADA, 1994.

An Erlang Interface to SQL.
Tobias Lindgren.
LiTH/IDA, 1994.

A Graphical User Interface for Erlang.
Anders Frank and Ola Samuelsson.
UU/CSD, 1994.

An Object Oriented Call Model (OOCM).
Joakim Grebenö and Niklas Hanberger.
UU/DoCS, 1993.

Distributed Telephony with Erlang.
Magnus Höglund.
LiTH/IDA, 1993.

Framprovocering av fel i programkod.
Lennart Öhman.
UU/DoCS, 1992.

SUN Controlled Telephone.
Anders Dahlin and Peter Jansson.
UU/DoCS, 1992.

Demonstrationssystem för Telefoni Implementerat i Erlang.
Klas Mikaelsson and Henrik Forsgren.
UU/DoCS, 1992.

Direktledningssignalsystem för en MD 110 växel.
Patric Jansson and Björn Axelsson.
UU/DoCS, 1992.

Testmiljö för Accessignalering.
Björn Bergqvist.
KTH/EIT, 1992.

Automatic Code Generation from Sequence Charts.
Adam Aquilon.
KTH/EIT, 1991.

Sequence Chart Editor.
Rudolf Hersén.
KTH/EIT, 1991.

Intelligent Network.
Jörgen Bergstedt and Thomas Persson.
Tekniska Högskolan, Luleå, 1991.

Erlang och Realtidskontrollerad Järnväg.
P-A Eriksson and J Tjernlund.
Tekniska Högskolan, Luleå, 1990.

Distributed Real Time Databases.
Martin Sköld.
LiTH/IDA, 1990.

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