Fifth ACM SIGPLAN Erlang Workshop
Portland, Oregon, September 16, 2006
Satellite event of ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming, September 18-20, 2006

Erlang is a concurrent, distributed functional programming language aimed at systems with requirements on massive concurrency, soft real time response, fault tolerance, and high availability. It has been available as open source for several years creating a community that actively contributes to its already existing rich set of libraries and applications. Originally created for telecom applications, its usage has spread to other domains including e-commerce, banking, and computer telephony.

Erlang programs are today among the largest applications written in any functional programming language. These applications offer new opportunities to evaluate functional programming and functional programming methods on a very large scale and suggest new problems for the research community to solve.

This workshop will bring together the open source, academic, and industrial programming communities of Erlang. It will enable participants to familiarize themselves with recent developments on new techniques and tools tailored to Erlang, novel applications, draw lessons from users' experiences and identify research problems and common areas relevant to the practice of Erlang and functional programming.

Workshop Program
08.50Welcome by the Workshop Chairman
Session I: Tutorial
09.00 Large Scale Software Engineering with Erlang: Using Advanced Erlang/OTP
Francesco Cesarini
Session II: Testing
11.00Simon Thompson, University of Kent, UK, Session Chairman
- EUnit - a Lightweight Unit Testing Framework for Erlang
Richard Carlsson
- Testing Telecoms Software with Quviq QuickCheck
Thomas Arts, John Hughes et al
- Model Checking Erlang Programs: The Functional Approach
Lars-Åke Fredlund and Clara Benac Earle
12.30Lunch break
Session III: Language
14.30Rex Page, University of Oklahoma, USA, Session Chairman
- Concurrency Oriented Programming in Termite Scheme
Guillaume Germain
- Dryverl: a Flexible Erlang/C Binding Compiler
Romain Lenglet and Shigeru Chiba
- Concurrent Caching
Jay Nelson
- Towards Automatic Verification of Erlang Programs by PI-Calculus Translation
C.K. Roy, T. Noll, B. Roy and J.R. Cordy
Session IV: Applications
16.30Richard Carlsson, IAR Systems, Sweden, Session Chairman
- The Ericsson Integrated Site Framework
Joakim Johansson
- Comparing C++ and Erlang for Motorola Telecoms Software
Phil Trinder
- From HTTP to HTML - Erlang/OTP Experiences in Web Based Service Applications
Lukas Larsson and Michal Slaski
- Evaluation of DBMS for Erlang
Emil Hellman
18.00Final comments from the Program Committee
Workshop Chair
Program Chair
Program Committee
Local Information and Accomodation
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Workshop feeACM memberNon-member Student
Registration on or
before August 18
$75$85 $75
Registration after
August 18 or on-site
$100$110 $100
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